July 18th Town Hall Meeting on School Safety and Security

The Hamilton City School District and Board of Education members place the safety and security of our students and staff as our number one priority.

As the district continues to enhance our safety planning, we are committed to thoughtful and meaningful input as we work together to make our community safer and stronger.

On July 18, 2018, the district is requesting additional collaborative input from community members, parents, and staff regarding the next steps with the safety and security of our schools, via a town hall meeting. The meeting will include representatives from the Hamilton City Police Department and Hamilton City Schools. It will be held at the Board of Education office located at 533 Dayton Street at 7:00 pm.

As with any plan involving safety and security, certain detailed components of the plan must be held confidential, as to maintain its overall integrity. For example, identifying who may or may not be armed would certainly be useful information to a perpetrator.

Please be assured that any decision to possibly arm civilian personnel in our schools will include a rigorous vetting process in collaboration and agreement with the Hamilton Police Department, a detailed background check, psychological evaluation, and ongoing training.

The district and BOE members also understand that a plan of security is never stagnant, but always a “work in progress” and that input from everyone is a priority.

If you will be unable to attend a town hall session, please do not hesitate to send your ideas and suggestions via email to [email protected] and include in the topic the phrase “Safety and Security”.

As a community working together, we can enhance the safety of all students and staff that are in Hamilton City Schools daily.

Larry Knapp
Hamilton City Schools