Business Advisory Council

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The Business Advisory Council is a non-profit organization created to advise and provide recommendations for developing the necessary employment skills in our youth. The Council shall also be instrumental in maintaining a working relationship among business, labor organizations and educational personnel in the district.

2017 – 2018 Members

Dave Lippert, Chairman

Jeff Boyle
Katie Braswell
Doug Childs
Neil Cohen
Chris Connell
Mike Dingeldein
Amy Durbin
Scott Ellsworth
Mary Pat Essman

Bill Groth
Joe Greenward
Lisa Guiliano
Jody Gunderson
Anita Hilbun
Vincent Jackson
George Jonson
Kathy Klink
Chris Lawson

Bob Lowery
Carol Lucio
Ian MacKenkie-Thurley
Everett Mann
Eileen Meeker
Tricia Neeley
Sandy Sanders
Scott Scrimizzi
Antony Seppi

Ron Smith
Lindsey Stanfill
Shawn Stidham
Crystal Tipton
Ryan Ward
Tim Werdmann
Bill Wilks
Sarah Woiteshek
Linda Yarger