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Hamilton City Schools

Pupil Personnel Department:

The Hamilton City School District offers a continuum of services to meet the unique needs of each student with special education and related services, that will allow each child with a disability to benefit. We promote inclusion by providing these services in the least restrictive environment (LRE) which means that to the maximum extent appropriate services are provided in the general education environment.

Hamilton City Schools utilizes a model based off of Response to Intervention (RTI) and personalization to discover the strengths and needs of struggling learners. The model values collaboration and recognizes that the learner and parents are core members of the team. This process requires the team to analyze and identify issues of concern, areas of strength, set individual goals, brainstorm options for interventions, develop an action plan and gather data to determine the effectiveness of the intervention plan.

Emphasis is placed on success in the curriculum by meeting the student at their current levels of learning, honoring individual learning styles and implementing research-based interventions to support progress. If interventions required to promote student progress are ongoing, intensive, and specialized the team may suspect that the student has a disability as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and conduct a multi-factored evaluation to determine whether there are educational needs which require special education supports and services.

The results of this evaluation are presented in an Evaluation Team Report (ETR), and the eligibility determination is made by the team which includes the parents. Students may be found eligible under the following federally defined disability categories (category definitions can be found in the Ohio Department of Education document “A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education”):

  •  Autism
  •  Intellectual Disability
  •  Deaf-Blindness
  •  Deafness
  •  Developmental Delay (preschool only)
  •  Emotional Disturbance
  •  Hearing Impairment
  •  Multiple Disabilities
  •  Orthopedic Impairment
  •  Other Health Impairment
  •  Specific Learning Disability
  •  Speech or Language Impairment
  •  Traumatic Brain Injury
  •  Visual Impairment Including blindness

The Hamilton City School District provides the following services to students with disabilities: psychological services, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility services, audiological support, educational assistants, work/study, and transition services.

The eligibility of exceptionality does not determine the service delivery or the placement. The individual student’s needs, as expressed on the Individual Education Plan (IEP), will determine the service delivery in the Least Restrictive Environment.

If the student is found to be eligible for special education services then an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed, which sets goals/objectives for educational needs revealed by the ETR.  Services to support progress toward these goals are determined and are guaranteed by the IEP. An Intervention Specialist will be assigned to oversee the implementation of the IEP. Your student’s intervention specialist will be a great resource to you in understanding your student’s needs and progress. They coordinate services and accommodations across your student’s school day.

The IEP also documents necessary accommodations, how the student will participate in state and district testing, and necessary transition services for students with disabilities required for 14 years and older. The IEP is reviewed at least annually to revise goals and services. An IEP meeting may be called at any time to review the IEP.

For more information, please call 887-5000.


The Hamilton City School District offers both morning and afternoon preschool classes at four schools:

  • Bridgeport,
  • Fairwood,
  • Linden,
  • Ridgeway Elementary Schools.

For more information, please call 887-5024.

District-Parent Partnership and Resources:

The Pupil Personnel office prioritizes partnerships with parents. We strive to provide all parents with timely and accurate information. Below you will find a few helpful resources for parents:

Ohio Department of Education

Ohio State Testing Accessibility/Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Butler County Educational Service Center

Butler County Educational Service Center offers free parent trainings and community engagement opportunities for parents.

Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence

The Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence is an internationally renowned information clearing house dedicated to providing evidence-based training to those impacted by autism.

Ohio’s Learning Standards

Ohio’s Learning Standards emphasize skills like critical thinking and problem solving, qualities most sought by today’s employers. By teaching our students to apply these skills to what they are studying in school, we can make sure they are on track to graduate from high school and enjoy success in college, careers and life.

Extended Standards for Students with Disabilities

Since 2011, the extended standards help to ensure that students with significant cognitive disabilities are provided with multiple ways to learn and demonstrate knowledge. At the same time, the extended standards are designed to maintain the rigor and high expectations of Ohio’s Learning Standards.

A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education:

Effective August 1, 2017, the new special education procedural safeguards notice, A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education, is now available for use in Ohio schools. This publication replaces the earlier procedural safeguards notice, Whose IDEA Is This?.  To download a copy, please click below on the link: ODE_Parent Rights.

Pupil Personnel Staff:

Mindy Fischer, Director of Pupil Personnel

Carrie Hester, Assoc. Director of HR/PP

Linda Frey, Special Education Supervisor

Elizabeth Fenimore, Special Education Supervisor

Jayne Vanegas, Special Education Supervisor

Cindy Bodner, Secretary

Paulette Boggess, Secretary

Sandy Gentry, Secretary


Phone: 1-513-887-5000

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