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Hamilton City School District provides school bus transportation to elementary students (Grades K-6) who live more than 1 mile from the school building; middle school students (Grades 7-8) who live more than 1½ miles from their school building; and high school students (Grades 9-12) who live more than 2 miles from their school building.
As soon as the bus routes and schedules are set (about the last week of July), the information will be posted at the school buildings. Transportation schedules will also be accessible on the District web site ( on the Transportation Page. You may also contact the Transportation Office at 887-5060.
There is no identified length of time that districts are obligated to meet. Ride times vary by traffic, locality, and numerous other criteria; therefore ride times may vary for each school. The Hamilton City School District is committed to make ride times as brief as possible.
Ohio law does not require the presence of sidewalks. While we understand this may be of some concern in some situations, many students routinely walk safely along street sides and roadways to reach a bus stop.
Ohio law requires children to be waiting in a designated place of safety (assigned by the bus driver) prior to the arrival of the bus. Waiting at the bus stop before the bus arrives further ensures that no child chases after a bus, which is very dangerous.
Please feel free to contact the Transportation Office at 887-5060. The office is open year round, including all summer.

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